Wanting to provide my clients with beautiful long lasting enhancements I have researched and carefully selected top professional brands to offer you.


I only work with professional products and offer gel products created by IBD Nails UK, Millennium Nails, IBX Nail repair and restoration products by Famous Names and nail art and accessories by Lecente, Moyou London and others. With over 160 Gel Polish colours there is plenty of choice and something to suit every occasion.


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IBD Gel Extensions


IBD Beauty is a leading brand in nails and I have chosen to work with their LED curable builder gels to create extensions for when you need added length to your nails or as as a strengthening layer underneath gel polish over your natural nail.


IBD Builder Gels are applied over a tip extension building length and strength to your nails, the gels are odourless and as they are self levelling, minimal filing is needed to perfect the final finish of the extension.


Gel extensions should be regularly maintained with rebalances recommended every 2-3 weeks dependent on your rate of nail growth.


Finished off with a gel polish overlay from the IBD Just Gel polish range and nail art is also available if required.


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IBD Just Gel Polish


Gel Polish has taken over the world (almost) and having chosen IBD Just Gel Polish pure gel formula I have over 160 beautiful colours so plenty of options for you to choose the perfect finish to your gel extensions or as a beautiful natural nail Gel Manicure or Pedicure.


Following an express manicure or pedicure (file, shape and cuticle tidy) this LED cured gel polish will provide a high gloss and durable finish that will remain chip and lift free for 2-3 weeks.


This can also be applied over IBD Builder Gel for a stronger base over weak nails if required (just ask for advice)


Whenever you need a fresh new look, removal is easy and at no extra charge when booking for a fresh new Just Gel manicure or pedicure.


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IBX System


This innovative two-part system offers revolutionary benefits to repair nail damage and set the stage for growth whislt toughening the upper layers of the nail plate.


Helps with delamination of the nail plate (peeling) and strengthening of weak nails.

With multiple treatments it can also help to fill lines and ridges in the natural nail resulting in a smoother nail plate.


Can be used as a standalone treatment to the natural nail with an express manicure included in the treatment (file, shape and cuticle tidy) or as an additional treatment under an IBD Just Gel Manicure.


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Other Nail Services include Natural Nail Manicures and Pedicures along with Occasional/Weekend Nails which are designed to provide additional length to your nails and last up to a week with no builder gel applied.


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