Nail Aftercare

Depending on the treatment you have chosen it may take some time getting used to your new Nails!


If you have opted for Gel extensions gradually you will get into the habit of using your hands in a different way and the extensions will start to feel as natural as your own nails.


  • Treat your new enhancements with care until you get used to them, there are many traps for unsuspecting nail extensions (car doors/ring pulls etc)


  • When wearing nail extensions or natural nails with a gel polish they should ideally be kept at an appropriate length to suit your lifestyle to ensure no premature breakages or lifting


  • Please do not pick or bite at your nails or cuticles. Doing this will cause your nail enhancements to weaken which will substantially reduce their life and could also cause damage to your natural nail underneath.


  • Nail enhancements will be weakened and damaged by harsh treatment, for example exposing them to harsh detergents and chemicals. I always advise to wear cotton lined rubber gloves for cleaning or your nails could be damaged by cleaning products.


  • Be careful when using self tanning products, suncare products (ie: suncream containing mosquito repellent etc), hair colourants and handling highly coloured foods, as these can cause discolouration of your enhancements. Also be careful with new clothes - dye from dark jeans especially has been found to transfer and discolour your nails.


  • Try not to use your natural nail or extensions to pick at labels, ring pulls and avoid tapping with the extension as this can cause breakage and chipping to your enhancements.


  • Nail enhancements of any kind will need maintenance, be this for gel extensions or a gel polish. Please make sure you follow my advice regarding rebalancing of extensions or refreshing of gel polish and keep all of your maintenance appointments. These are really important for keeping your nails looking beautiful and detecting any possible problems.


  • If the enhancement is lifting or is damaged and this is ignored, it could lead to a bacterial infection. Do not pick or lift it as this will cause damage to the natural nail beneath. Please make an appointment so you can have them repaired.


  • Please do not buff your nails around the cuticle area as this can cause damage to the natural nail.


  • Always use a base coat when wearing coloured polishes over your natural nail to avoid any staining. A good top coat will prevent chipping.


  • If you choose to polish over your enhancements ensure that you use a NON-Acetone nail polish remover when you want to take it off to avoid any damage to the enhancement underneath.


  • Use a cuticle oil daily to nourish cuticles, prolong the life of your enhancements and reduce the risk of breakage by keeping your natural nails flexible.


  • It is a common myth that you should "let your nails breathe". As long as you have a good technician who follows best practice in the application and removal of your enhancements and you follow the after care given your natural nails should not become damaged through wearing enhancements. Nails are not alive and therefore do not "breathe" .




Your Nails are Jewels, Not Tools!!



If you have any questions or concerns about your enhancements, contact me


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